First Congressional District Office hands 20 jetmatic pumps to barangay officials of Bago Aplaya

Wednesday, 7 October 2020

First Congressional District Communication and Information Office

First Congressional District Office hands 20 jetmatic pumps to barangay officials of Bago Aplaya

DAVAO CITY – First Congressional District Representative Paolo Duterte, through his trusted staff, turned over 20 units of jetmatic pumps in Barangay Bago Aplaya in Talomo District on October 7, Wednesday morning.

The jetmatic pumps has been turned over to Barangay Bago Aplaya, following a resolution signed by Barangay Secretary Manito Andoy, attested by Barangay Chief Isidro Dujali, Jr. requesting the pumps from Rep. Duterte’s office. 

According to the resolution, the 20 units of jetmatic pumps will be distributed to 20 puroks of the Bago Aplaya. These pumps are important tools for the variety of residential, light commercial or agricultural tasks, especially in the rural areas.

“Our barangay has a high-water table, a stable supply of potable water near the surface and suitable to install jetmatic pump as one of the sources of water supply,” said in the resolution of the barangay councilors.

The jetmatic pump, as one of the sources of water, would lessen the monthly bill water expenses consumption and it can be used for cleaning dishes, watering plants, washing clothes, bathing, generation of hydroelectricity, and washing cars.

Rep. Duterte, who is known to help any people in distress even beyond his district, then heed the concern of the barangay officials for their respective areas of responsibility. Bago Aplaya belongs to the first administrative district.

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